Technical support

Processing advantages of ion beam polishing machine : 
The surface RMS < 1nm, PV < 10nm high precision polishing processing ability ( 1λ = 632nm ) can be realized, and the roughness does not change. 
2. The shapes of optical components that can be machined are : plane, spherical, aspheric, free-form surface, off-axis aspheric, elliptical, cylindrical mirror, prism or cone lens, which can be customized according to customer needs. 
3. Non-contact processing, no edge effect ; 
4.Machinable materials, can process all optical component materials, such as all kinds of optical glass, quartz glass, microcrystalline, ultra-low expansion glass ( ULE ), KDP crystal, sapphire, silicon, silicon carbide, infrared materials ; 
The control program is highly integrated, intelligent, and has extremely high stability. 
The equipment is composed of main and auxiliary vacuum chambers to reduce the use time of workpiece replacement and improve processing efficiency. 
The ion beam output beam spot aperture is adjustable, which can realize 1-50mm different beam diameter transformation. 
The characteristics and innovation of ion beam polishing machine of Evers Technology Company 
The ion beam polishing machine of Evers Technology adopts the innovative design of double chamber structure and horizontal processing scheme, the original ion source system of Veeco Company, the high dynamic characteristic motion system, and the powerful process calculation and control software. Therefore, the Evers ion beam polishing machine has advanced high performance and high reliability, with the advantages of high efficiency, large adjustable range of beam current, long-term stable processing, convenient operation and high processing accuracy. 
1 ) Innovative design of double chamber structure and processing scheme 
High performance servo motion axis to transfer workpiece, high efficiency, high reliability ; 
The horizontal processing layout is conducive to the operation of the workpiece and the protection of the mirror, the sputtered material does not pollute the ion source, and the ion source can work stably for a long time. 
( Apply for patents 201811261305.2 and 20182175480 )